We attach great importance to our database – PLASCHEMA

By Chijioke Kingsley

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – The Plateau State Contributory Healthcare Management Agency (PLASCHEMA), a social health insurance scheme, has debunked a report claiming its database is porous and insecure.

The healthcare platform described the malicious report as the hands-on work of troublemakers who will stop at nothing to discredit a program designed to alleviate the suffering of ordinary citizens.

Calling the report false, Dr. Fabong Yildam, chief executive of PLASCHEMA, spoke to reporters on Saturday, saying that at no time did Website Planet inform the Agency of any beneficiary data bridge.

Yildam said this while emphasizing the clause quoted by Website Planet stating that she had previously informed the Agency of their assertion.

According to Yildam: “It is important to emphasize that Website Planet’s assertion that recipient information was uncovered during their web mapping project does not hold. PLASCHEMA attaches great importance to the Data of our beneficiaries. We do not tolerate unwarranted access to beneficiaries’ personal data. We won’t rest until we unravel any malicious third parties trying to undo PLASCHEMA,” he said.

The Agency commended its ICT experts who continued to work around the clock to ensure beneficiary information was kept secure.

“Since our inception, we have worked with the best ICT company that has ensured that our systems are properly configured and our technology operations are secure, end-to-end,” PLASCHEMA said.