Valorant Reticle Database: How to improve with a good Valorant Reticle?

The reticle is one of the most crucial aspects of Valorant. And here’s how you can use the Valorant Crosshair database to improve.

Since its release in 2020, Valorant has become one of the most played games in the Esports industry. With over 15 million live players playing each month and crossing a concurrent live audience of 1.2 million on Twitch during VCT, Valorant is the best of the best.

But to become a good player in one of the best games, it takes effort, skill and good knowledge of some in-game content. One of these in-game content is crosshairs. A reticle is nothing more than a market in the center of the screen indicating where your first bullet is most likely to go when firing your weapon. And it really is necessary to have a reticle adapted to your style of play to boost your performance.

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Valorant Crosshair Database

Since finding the perfect reticle is no easy task, the community has come up with something to help you with the process. Kookoowaah and two of his friends have created a brand new website called Valorant Crosshair Database, which consists of a wide variety of Valorant crosshairs. By professional players, teams, content creators, public users, etc.

This gives you quick access to a wide range of crosshairs and the ability to create new ones. Ultimately helping you get what you want. Here are some previews of the site.

Image from Valorant Crosshair database

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How to apply these crosshairs in Valorant

When you find a reticle that meets your needs, here’s how you can import that reticle into your Valorant client.

Step 1: Visit and click on the crosshair of your choice. This will bring up a new screen.

2nd step: On this popup, you will be able to see a background for copy codeclick this button

Step 3: Now open Valorant and go to settings > crosshairs > import

Step 4: Now paste the crosshair code you copied from the VCRBD, then press import and give it a name

There you go, you have successfully imported a Valorant reticle.

In fact, if you wish, you can also export your own reticle to the database, for which you just need to:

Step 1: Go to Valorant > settings > crosshairs > export

2nd step: This would have copied a game generated code for your crosshairs, now open

Step 3: And upload the code to the platform