There’s A Boyfriend Database To Rate Your Exes And People Have Strong Opinions

A woman in the United States has created the “Ex Boyfriend List” – a database for women to share their bad experiences with the men they have dated. She calls the site a “Tripadvisor for exes.”

Tracy Tegan is the founder of the list which includes stories of men who have apparently cheated on their partners, been verbally or physically abusive, or simply treated them disrespectfully.

“This place is for all the women who were happily in love with a guy who didn’t put in enough and exploited you in ways you didn’t think you could be used for,” Tegan said.

“Look for it, and if there’s nothing, then you’re one of the lucky ones. But if you end up finding anything related to him, you know your doubts were well founded.

Women on the site are asked to share their experiences in detail, the state they live in, and the name of their ex-boyfriend. However, personal information should not be shared. This includes the man’s private phone number, address, place of work and family information. Some women think this idea is great, but others pointed out that the idea could get very dark, very quickly.

“Who is going to set up the UK one then?” asked a Facebook user. “I’m very sorry that I didn’t warn my next victim, but I had to protect myself.”

Another woman said: “Most of my exes were lovely people, but one of them was abusive and manipulative. I wish I could tell his future partners, but he’s the type to press charges (even if he literally pleaded guilty to being violent.) A lot could go wrong with such a website.

There are plenty of others on social media who don’t think it’s a good idea, though.

A user fears that this website is being used to take revenge on an ex-partner. “The ability to tell the truth is such a rare commodity in today’s society,” she said. “What’s stopping people from using the platform as a means of revenge, to polarize female opinion just because they feel wronged by the end of a relationship?”

Another added: “Fine if it works for you directly/indirectly, but hopefully he’s open enough to other parties for defamation, to sue and counter-sue accordingly.”