Multi-state cyberattack shuts down Alabama’s online jobs database

Alabama’s online jobs database is temporarily unavailable following a multi-state cyberattack.

Computer network servers for the Alabama Department of Labor and Department of Commerce were affected by the event, according to an announcement from the two agencies.

The attack came against Geographic Solutions Inc., the third-party provider for Alabama and several other states.

In an announcement, the Department of Labor said, the state’s online jobs database, is currently experiencing an outage.

This means that the state’s online job openings clearinghouse is not available to applicants. “Site under maintenance”, is the message on the website currently. “We apologize for the inconvenience. Please come back soon.”

“At this time, GSI has assured the two Alabama agencies that no customer data has been compromised,” reads an announcement on the DOL and DOC websites.

According to the announcement, the shutdown does not affect the state’s unemployment compensation system, which means no claims, weekly certifications or payments are affected. Tara Hutchison, spokesperson for the DOL, said the state’s unemployment compensation system uses a different system.

This is not the case in Louisiana, for example. WAFB in Baton Rouge reports that the state’s “HiRE” website, which allows residents to file unemployment claims, has been taken down, along with its job exchange site, affecting nearly 11,000 people filing claims unemployment.

The attack affects up to 40 other states, including Tennessee, Iowa and Nebraska, and Washington DC, which use GSI.

It could be several days before the jobs website is up and running again, officials said. DOL tells job seekers or employers who need Career Center services to call or visit their local centers for assistance.

Anyone who was scheduled to take a Re-Employment and Eligibility Services Assessment (RESEA) should plan to show up for the appointment as scheduled. Anyone who has not previously shown up for a scheduled RESEA appointment and needs to reschedule should contact their local career center directly.

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