Lufthansa digitizes pre-flight safety logs with Ditto P2P database

Looking to digitize workflows between multiple cabin crew members, but don’t have a reliable internet connection? Faced with a similar challenge, Lufthansa turned to Ditto, a peer-to-peer database company, to digitize paper-based processes through a new Crew app. The Crew app was created by Lufthansa using Apple’s SwiftUI framework and is powered by Ditto’s Intelligent Edge platform, a cross-platform peer-to-peer (P2P) database that allows data to sync within the crew even without network connectivity.

This app allows us to effectively support crews with a comfortable device like an iPad, and we can rest assured that Ditto’s Intelligent Edge ensures our data is always up to date, even when network connectivity is poor or completely unavailable.

– Michael Hack, Solutions Architect, Lufthansa

Before deploying the app, the Lufthansa crew completed the pre-flight security check via paper records. With the new solution, data is tracked digitally, providing significant operational efficiency and more reliable tracking of critical information. And while most communication can occur in a peer-to-peer environment, without centralized server access, there is also an ingest and offload process.

Crew devices can connect to the back office on the ground, either via airport Wi-Fi or via a cellular link. Once in the sky, however, the systems communicate directly with each other, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, rather than transmitting data to the server. Once the flight is over, the devices regain their internet connection and can sync the data through a web service API, thus closing the trip.

“Our partnership with Lufthansa underscores the importance of giving businesses the ability to build their own apps using less development resources and costs, thanks to SwiftUI. Ditto’s Intelligent Edge technology enables rapid deployment without special hardware or equipment, saving time and money,” said Adam Fish, Co-Founder and CEO of Ditto. “Furthermore, the digitization of Lufthansa’s documents and processes is part of a larger movement to give deskless workers access to the same tools and efficiencies as deskbound workers, and we are excited to continue to invest in it.”

The fact that Lufthansa is continuing on this path, even as the carrier operates a predominantly connected fleet is particularly telling. Rather than relying on this in-flight Internet, the carrier pushes the solution offline, ensuring that these business processes run smoothly. And with some of the newer planes still not online, that makes the offline option even more appealing.

Lufthansa has specifically designed this app to run natively on iPhone and iPad, leveraging advanced BLE 5 networking and P2P Wi-Fi, which seamlessly synthesize with Ditto’s Intelligent Edge to sync apps faster than ever without the need for additional hardware investment.

Idem also counts Japan Airlines and Etihad Airways as customers in the commercial aviation market.

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