Learn Python, JavaScript, Database Programming, and More in 2022 with These $21 Courses


The tech industry is in constant need of talent, and big companies are willing to pay a pretty penny to find it. But if you’re worried that learning programming is too difficult or takes too long, you’ll be happy to find out how quickly you can learn it with the Ultimate Programming Bundle. And it’s super affordable right now, on sale for just $20.99.

Python is one of the easiest and most popular programming languages ​​to learn – it can even be taught to college kids!. You can now learn it from scratch in the “Python Crash Course”. You’ll start with the basics and move from the Python command line to data types, docstrings, and more.

The better your skills, the higher your job prospects, and the “JavaScript Crash Course” will teach you JavaScript from scratch, introduce you to React, and show you how to build a website using ReactJS. Database skills are also in high demand and you can develop your new skill set with the “Level 3 Database and Programming Diploma”. You will learn how to create simple databases, use query language, and various database technologies to run web applications.

All these courses are offered by Alpha Academy, one of the best platforms in the online learning market. Students have demonstrated their satisfaction by giving it an instructor rating of 4.2 out of 5. The courses are all accredited by the Continuing Professional Development (CDP) service, whose certification is recognized by all market sectors, they will therefore look very impressive on your resume. .

You will have access to all these courses for an entire year, on desktop and mobile, so you can progress wherever you are.

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