Illinois Report Card: How to Search the Public Schools Database

Illinois schools saw improved graduation rates and growth in English language arts and math in the 2021-22 school year.

That’s according to the 2022 Illinois Report Card, a summary of performance data released annually by the State Board of Education.

The report assesses student performance on academic progress, school environment, student attendance, diversity, retention, and many other factors. All public schools in Illinois, including charter schools, are part of the report.

“The Illinois State Board of Education collects most of the Illinois report card data from school districts through data systems such as the Illinois Student Information System. ‘State, throughout the school year. Principals directly enter the items listed under school highlights on and can update them at any time,” reads the ISBE website.

The report card also gives schools one of four “levels of summative designation”. The highest possible designation is Exemplary, followed by Commendable, Focused, and Comprehensive.

Summative designation levels take into account graduation rates, overall academic achievement, and other measures. More information about each 2022 designation is available online from the ISBE.

How can you use the Illinois Bulletins Interactive Database?

You can search by school, district, city, or county name, or search by address or zip code. When searching by postal code, you can filter by preschool, primary, middle or high school.

Belleville West High School received a “commendable” designation, the second highest of four possible results. The school has a 93% graduation rate, according to the report, along with an 89% retention rate and a 30% chronic absenteeism rate.

Belleville East High School also earned a “commendable” rating, with a graduation rate of 90%, a retention rate of 92%, and a chronic absenteeism rate of 24%.

You can compare schools based on enrollment, class size, college readiness, and other metrics. You can also download reports from previous years, where information on attendance rates, student mobility, school environment and student characteristics is available.

The Illinois Report Card State Snapshot provides a snapshot of the state of public schools across the state. The ISBE awarded 372 schools the highest designation, Exemplary, and ranked 2,831 schools as Commendable. Fewer schools received lower ratings, with 318 targeted and 197 complete.

Meredith Howard is a duty reporter at the Belleville News-Democrat. She graduated from Baylor University and previously freelanced for the Illinois Times and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.