How To Install Apache HTTP Web Server on CentOS 7 | by Dominique Pendant

Apache is free and open source cross-platform web server software, maintained and developed by an open community of developers under license from the Apache Software Foundation. Apache software is also easy to install and configure with any operating system, from UNIX to Windows.

So get ready! In this article, using the command line, I will explain step by step how to update packages, to install , activateand check the status an Apache HTTP web server on your CentOS 7 server.


  • Internet connectivity
  • User account with sudo privileges
  • A server with Hundred OS 7 installed
  • (if necessary), install Yum packaging manager


Step 1: Update software version

Update to the latest software version using this command:

The system will run the software repositories and update to the latest versions.

Step 2: Install Apache HTTP

install Apache on your web server using this command:

The system needs to download and install Apache software packages.

Step 3: Enable Apache

To enable Apache; we first need to start its service using the command:

now the apache service we installed is enabled.

Step 4: Enable Apache HTTP

Enable the Apache server using this command:

We have now; allowed the Apache service to start at system startup.

Step 5: Check the Apache service

Display information about Apache, to check its running status:

The output below verifies that the Apache service is running and active.

You can now check the web page by accessing the following URL, a default Apache page will be displayed:



CONGRATULATIONS! you have installed Apache on your Cent0S 7 server!