Hit Labs connects Teams Pronto with MariaDB Xpand in SkySQL Cloud Database

REDWOOD CITY, CA and HELSINKI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MariaDB® society today announced that Hit Labs, makers of the all-in-one communications platform Pronto, is powering its business with Xpand, MariaDB’s distributed SQL database, deployed on fully managed cloud database service MariaDB SkySQL running on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Faced with a rapidly growing user base, Pronto turned to Xpand in SkySQL for its elasticity and high availability, making it easy to scale and onboard millions of users. To empower its team to fully focus on delivering the best communication experience to its customers, Pronto also engaged SkyDBAs for proactive and expert support of its cloud databases.

A cloud database that expands to meet seasonal peaks

Pronto provides a mobile-optimized communication platform for higher education institutions through chat, video conferencing, announcement tools, machine language translation, file sharing, and task management. Since much of its business supports higher education institutions, much of Pronto’s seasonal peaks are aligned with the school year. Pronto turned to Xpand in SkySQL for its elasticity and high availability without any downtime to meet its changing needs throughout the year. With SkySQL, Pronto only pays for the resources used, giving them the opportunity to cut costs if they cut spending during the summer vacation.

“Moving to the cloud with MariaDB Xpand in SkySQL was an easy decision for us,” said TJ Hunter, software engineer and co-founder of Pronto. “Since the start of the pandemic, higher education institutions and professors have relied heavily on our Pronto product as a distance learning solution. Powered by SkySQL, Pronto onboards thousands of students in minutes, allowing teachers to communicate directly with their students, in addition to students communicating with other students. Xpand in SkySQL allows us to scale horizontally to meet these new demands with the push of a button so we can focus on growing our business.

Custom office hours with SkyDBA

As a small and lean organization, many of Pronto’s resources focus on improving product offerings for its customers. With SkyDBA, Pronto gets expert database support at a fraction of the cost, allowing it to offload many of its database responsibilities and operations such as daily maintenance, backup and disaster recovery. . “Our SkyDBAs are great and we consider them an extension of our team,” Hunter said. “They provide proactive 24/7 expert care to ensure we get the best performance and resolve any issues quickly. They were instrumental in lightening my plate and exploring options to optimize our operations.

Available on AWS and Google Cloud, SkySQL is MariaDB’s fully managed cloud database service. SkySQL takes care of everything from provisioning the cloud infrastructure, installing and deploying the database, configuring the database for production environments, and automating failover. It is able to easily scale a single database to hundreds of nodes using distributed SQL and can deploy modern data warehouses for interactive and ad-hoc analytics on large datasets to meet demands businesses, all at a fraction of the cost of legacy databases.

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