GO Topeka launches database to track and grow local startup industry

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – GO Topeka has launched a digital database, called the “Kansas Innovation Dealroom”, to track entrepreneurial start-up activity in the region.

According to GO Topeka, the platform can be used by company founders, stakeholders, venture capitalists, scale-ups and startups, to create investments and relationships with each other.

The database will first look at date and content in the Topeka area and will continue to grow over time, but eventually the database is expected to expand to the Manhattan area later in 2022. The Manhattan Area Chamber of Commerce and K-State Innovation Partners will collaborate with GO Topeka to energize the database of startups.

According to Stephanie Moran, senior vice president of innovation at GO Topeka, by partnering with Manhattan, the area becomes more of a hotspot for entrepreneurs.

“We are looking for a regional innovation hub, and therefore, we would like to engage all neighboring communities, in partnership with them, as we build a supportive ecosystem for innovation, entrepreneurship, scale-ups and startups,” Moran said.

Moran went on to say that improving the innovation industry in the region would inspire others to attract businesses to northeast Kansas.

“What it shows them is that Topeka has a strong ecosystem to support startups and entrepreneurs. What we’re looking to do is we have a lot of great businesses in the area that are there. to support us, and we want to show it,” Moran continued.

The launch of the database was announced Wednesday at the future site of the Innovation Center campus at 635 S Kansas Ave.

“It’s the center of innovation,” Moran said. “We are finalizing plans with state and national historic preservation offices. As these are finalized, we are also looking for tenants interested in installing. This is the perfect time to enter, you can participate in the construction and put some points if you want to enter and rent a space in the building.

The database is already online, click here to see the platform.

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