FestivalNet(R) updates the largest database of festivals and fairs in North America

RALEIGH, NC /ACCESSWIRE/July 20, 2022/ Every year, thousands of fairs and festivals take place across North America. From arts and crafts to music and carnivals, festivals and fairs are part of North American culture.

From spring to winter, FestivalNet® covers 18,000 events across North America, each attracting hundreds or thousands of customers, vendors and visitors, creating opportunities in each host city and a chance to experience exciting new exhibits. , games, food, and entertainment.

This quarter, FestivalNet® highlights its innovative and comprehensive database of festivals and fairs across North America, providing a valuable resource for visitors, vendors and promoters to take advantage of.

The database of festivals and fairs 2022

Committed to maintaining the largest database of fairs and festivals in North America, FestivalNet® is thrilled to present its updated database for 2022.

Meticulously curated, this extensive database is updated daily, with over 18,000 events, including:

  • Fairs and craft fairs
  • Home and garden fairs
  • Art exhibitions
  • street parties
  • music festivals
  • And more…

An incredible resource for sellers, visitors and promoters

FestivalNet® was created out of love and passion for everything related to festivals and fairs. For over two decades, FestivalNet® has worked hard to create the largest, most accurate and comprehensive database of festivals and fairs in North America.

Covering Canada and the United States, the FestivalNet website is a valuable resource for professional artists, artisans, musicians, performers, agents, researchers, vendors, producers and service providers, and Moreover.

Intuitive platform with advanced search filters

The FestivalNet website has been designed with the end user in mind, with an easy to navigate interface that connects its members to the information they need.

Members can search for festivals, events and fairs using a wide range of useful filters, including:

  • State/Province
  • City or postal code Radius
  • Month or date range
  • Events with entertainment
  • Event type
  • Presence
  • Time limit
  • Whether or not food is needed
  • Art exhibitions with jury
  • Virtual shows

With just a few clicks, visitors will be presented with personalized search results. Each event listing includes essential information such as event dates, event contact details, event description, and official event website.

A practical and fast tool

Millions of people enjoy festivals and fairs every year. Likewise, the industry directly or indirectly employs tens of thousands of salespeople, musicians, artists, promoters, etc.

For these people, FestivalNet® offers a practical, accessible and fast tool. Those who experience such events can quickly locate opportunities for their business, while customers can find interesting and entertaining events to attend.

Marketplace and supplier tools

In addition to its strong database of fairs and festivals, FestivalNet® offers several tools and resources for vendors. Its integrated online marketplace can be used to buy or sell a wide range of products ranging from handmade crafts to commercially manufactured items.

Registered organizers and promoters can list their event on FestivalNet® for free. With over 1.3 million visitors per month, the website is a great place to help festivals, fairs and events gain visibility.

FestivalNet® Pro Membership

Starting at just $15/month, with deep discounts for 3- and 12-month subscriptions, FestivalNet® offers a full suite of value-driven benefits to its members.

Pro level membership features include:

*All basic features, plus

  • Full Event Details
  • Full Event Rating Details
  • Web link in the festival’s biz directory (value of $35)
  • Online store of 10 items on our Marketplace
  • Add music, videos, pictures to community profile optional
  • Promoters: download trade show applications
  • Create a custom event list
  • Add show notes
  • Set reminders and appointments when booking shows
  • Map your search results and MyList

Call for entries for featured artists and events

Impactful event promotion and marketing packages

Gain additional exposure for an upcoming event with FestivalNet’s ‘Call for Artists’ or ‘Featured Events’ products and reach more attendees, vendor types, artists, artisans and performers.

Benefits include:

  • Appearing on special events or artists webpage, homepage map, etc.
  • Appear in the monthly artist newsletter reaching over 74,000 artists
  • First position on search results of all public members and high ranking web pages for up to 11 months
  • Appear in the weekly Call for Artists e-blast, reaching 69,000 members

About FestivalNet®

For 26 years, FestivalNet® has been a mainstay of the fair and festival community across North America. Its event database is one of the largest in existence, offering a wealth of useful information for customers and sellers.

With an integrated marketplace and promotional tools, sellers can tap into FestivalNet’s more than 30 million monthly viewers to find their audience and promote their products, services and events.

Those interested in learning more about FestivalNet® or its services are encouraged to contact through its official website for more information.

Website: https://festivalnet.com
Phone number: +18002003737
E-mail: [email protected]

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