Download and use DB Browser for SQLite database manager

It is true that, in the vast sector of office automation, everything related to databases, has as many supporters as detractors. The truth is that in the beginning, getting into creating and editing this content is not particularly fun. However, once we get to know some of these programs, as is the case here, they can even excite us.

The main reason for all this is that with a little work and patience, we can get our own projects focused on data base, really useful and spectacular. Obviously this is not the same as, for example, creating a text document in Microsoft Wordor a presentation power point. Developing a good database takes more effort, but in most cases the results are worth it.

Next, we will talk about a very interesting proposal that will allow you to enter this market of database creation and editing software.

SQLite, a database engine for everyone

The first thing we need to know at this point is that here we will find ourselves in front of a database program based on one of the most popular engines. Specifically, we are referring, as the name suggests, to SQLite. Here we find one of the engines of SQL databases most used open source To give you an idea, it is characterized by offering us all the functions and tools necessary to create our own databases with just a few mouse clicks.

This means that unlike other handlers of these elements, but more advanced, here we don’t need servers or remote setups to accomplish the tasks that interest us. But with everything and with him, we talk about creating and editing databases, so it is recommended to introduce yourself little by little to make our projects evolve. And this is precisely where the manager of this office content, which we are going to talk about next, comes into play. Specifically, we are referring to DB Browser for SQLite.

Reasons to use DB Browser for SQLite

First of all, we are going to tell you that when we talk about the DB Browser for SQLite application, we find an excellent free and open-source solution. One of his main tasks from the beginning has been to make it as easy as possible for us to create and manage databases based on the aforementioned SQLite engine.

Perhaps some of you who on one occasion threatened to come to exciting world of databases, you encountered very complicated interfaces. In fact, even on some occasions we will have to deal with a fair amount of SQL commands to obtain acceptable results. Not everyone is able to start developing these projects in this way. Moreover, in these cases, errors are usually quite common and difficult to solve.

On the contrary, here we are going to find the application we mentioned, DB Browser for SQLite, in which the reverse occurs. It could be seen as a platform for creation and management of databases suitable for all types of users, even novices. Those who already have some experience in these projects will also achieve very interesting and useful goals in these office tasks.

What characterizes this database manager

It is also interesting to know that this is a proposal that has existed between us for a good number of years. It was originally released as a database browser for SQLite. It was released in 2012 and over the years it has improved and adapted to all types of users. One of the main reasons it is so affordable is that it gives us a clean and simple user interface to use Initially, the initial design of the databases is done through tables that we define and customize.

These are tables like those found in many other programs, more than enough for users without much experience in these trades. Thus, we will be able to create and manage databases without too many complications. Obviously at the same time there are more advanced tools for those who require a database manager, much more.


Main functions of DB Browser for SQLite

Here we can find a good amount of tools for the creation of those contents to which we refer. In addition, entering the program interface, we will discover new functions that will help us in the creation and management of these projects. For all these reasons, we are going to show you some of its most useful features below:

  • Create databases and compact them.
  • Define and drop custom tables, entries, and indexes.
  • It has an input search engine with filters.
  • Import and export entries in text mode.
  • Convert tables to CSV files.
  • Ability to import and export SQL databases.

How to download and install the program

If you want to take a look at this powerful yet affordable database manager, we make it easy for you. First, we’ll tell you that we can do all of this for free. It is enough to free download the corresponding open source program on computers based on the Windows, linux That is macOS.

Here we will point out that for computers with the Microsoft system we have the option of downloading an executable to install, or even a portable version. This means that in the second hypothesis, we will have the possibility of porting our database program in a pen drive available at any time and for any PC.

web database browser for SQLite

All we have to do is access the official website of the application and download the version of it that most interests us.