DJI RC Plus: the new remote control enters the FCC database

A new listing from DJI has just hit the FCC with the name DJI RC Plus, pointing to a new drone remote that will be released soon. The listing comes with the usual test documents, including the all-important FCC label and location.

The new FCC listing shows the name “DJI RC Plus” with the US government agency identifier “SS3-RM7002110”. Looking at the location of the label, we can see the back of a fairly large sized remote. The label also reveals that the device is powered by two batteries operating at 7.2 V with a capacity of 3,250 mAh each.

The FCC filing is a definite indication that a new DJI drone is about to hit the US market. And it is quite possible that the aircraft belongs to the range of agricultural drones DJI Agras.

DJI ended 2021 with back-to-back product releases (Ronin 4D Camera, Action 2, DJI Mic, Mavic 3) in the United States. But in its home country of China, the tech giant bolstered the eventful launch season with two additional products: the DJI Agras T40 and T20P drones.

These high-endurance drones are optimized for agricultural application scenarios such as precision spraying, land application, aerial surveying and mapping. And in all likelihood, the upcoming DJI RC Plus remote controller is designed specifically for them.

Features and photo of the DJI RC Plus

The DJI China website shows a remote control for Agras T40 and T20P that looks like this; notice the shape:

DJI RC Plus?

This tells us that the DJI RC Plus will likely feature an 8-core processor, which would essentially allow the device to map 100 acres of land in just 10 minutes. Offering a transmission range of 7 km, the remote control will be equipped with a 7-inch high-brightness touch screen with a screen resolution of 1920×1200. The device will also come with a range of customizable physical buttons, allowing operators to have the desired shortcuts at their fingertips. The device’s built-in battery life should be around 3.3 hours.

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DJI Agras T40 and T20P drones

The new DJI Agras T40 offers several efficiency improvements over its predecessor, the Agras T30. Featuring a dual coaxial rotor design, the T40 drone has a 50 kg spreading capacity and a 40 kg spraying capacity. Indeed, this drone can spread 1.5 tons of urea or spray pesticides on a 320-acre field in one hour. The drone also has an omnidirectional radar and binocular vision to detect obstacles at a distance of up to 50 meters.

DJI equipped the T40 with an ultra-high definition camera and an adjustable gimbal so the drone can collect real-time images of farmland and orchards, create maps locally, and automatically identify plot boundaries and obstacles. for intelligent route planning and efficient spraying. and spread.

The T20P, on the other hand, is a lightweight and foldable agricultural drone that supports a spreading capacity of 25 kg and a spraying capacity of 20 kg. Unlike the T40, the DJI T20P can spread a ton of fertilizer or spray pesticides on a 180-acre farm or 40-acre orchard in one hour.

More details on the T40 and T20P can be found in our previous article here.

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