Berco Bopis Life platform – updated mobile and web applications

  • User-friendly software, with intuitive dashboard
  • Detailed reports on the wear status of individual components
  • Optimization of spare parts and significant reduction of TCO for dealers

Berco, a world leader in the production and supply of undercarriage components for the world’s leading manufacturers of crawler earthmoving machinery, is launching new versions of its mobile and web applications Bopis Life.

Bopis Life is a cloud-based platform allowing customers to monitor the wear rate of each component of the undercarriage, and thus know the remaining life of the parts. In addition to providing extremely important information for end users, the data collected in the field and archived by Bopis Life allows Berco to constantly improve its own technology, in terms of product development and production processes.

Luca Bellintani, Berco Field Engineer explains: “The undercarriage is a source of high maintenance costs for owners of tracked machines. Berco therefore continues to develop more user-friendly and comprehensive digital solutions for monitoring component wear. Bopis Life allows the customer to monitor component wear and optimize warehouse supply planning and operational efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).”

The updated version of the Bopis Life application, which can be installed on any PC, tablet or smartphone, allows dealers or field engineering technicians to download the properties of the inspected machine, as well as the location data. With a clear analysis context, technicians can start the inspection and save on the Bopis Life app all the data gathered from undercarriage part measurements. Assessments can be taken with hand tool kits or with ultrasound devices connected via Bluetooth to the tablet or smartphone. Ultrasonic devices give more accurate values ​​and reduce the time required for measurement and data processing.

Data collected using the Bopis Life mobile app is uploaded to the cloud and compared to wear limits listed in Berco’s (Bopis) online product catalog. This gives the wear rate and the remaining life of the component concerned. The undercarriage parts measured are chains and their sub-components (links, bushings and shoes), carrier rollers, track rollers, idlers and sprockets.

On the Bopis Life web portal, the accredited user will find a clear dashboard showing the geographical details of the location of the machines and the list of individual inspections, with the detail of who carried them out. A second display indicates the status of each component and any sub-components, identified by photos; position to the left and right of the machine; coded; Business hours ; wear rate and remaining life, calculated at 100% and 120%. This last limit is identified by Berco as the one beyond which structural collapse can occur.

In the updated web version of Bopis Life, easy to read graphs are given showing the hours of use for each component and the expected remaining life for each sub-component (chains) and most worn part, with warnings appearing when the wear rate exceeds 100% and 120%. Further graphs are present, showing the wear rate of each component, measured on the right and left sides, so that any deformation is immediately noted. All information is then available to the customer, along with suggestions to minimize the need for emergency response.

The Bopis Life platform is used worldwide and widely accessible. Berco also uses data from the many inspections carried out so far. Collected via Bopis Life for benchmarking purposes, they confirm the performance of its products as similar and in some cases even superior to those of leading manufacturers. The Platinum range for the aftermarket, developed to operate in extreme, high-impact and high-abrasive conditions, falls into the latter category: to have exceptional results, with performance 25% to 60% better than that of the original installation.