The Vermont Women’s Fund seeks to create a database of women-owned businesses

The Vermont Women’s Fund is seeking data to better document women’s contributions to Vermont’s economy through an initiative called This Way Up: There’s power in our numbers.

Obtaining up-to-date information on women-owned businesses in Vermont is difficult and there is currently no statewide database, according to a press release from the Vermont Women’s Fund.

The organization announced on January 25 its year-end goal of signing 10,000 women-owned businesses.

“We were surprised in 2016 when we discovered that no one knew the breakdown of business ownership by gender,” said Meg Smith, director of the Vermont Women’s Fund. “But its importance struck home two years ago when PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) money came into the state for women and minority-owned businesses, and it doesn’t there was no way to find them.”

To collect this data, the initiative asks women business owners to complete a short survey on its website, which displays results in real time.

Those who can be considered in the survey include all women who generate an income themselves, whether by running a business with several employees, working as a solo entrepreneur or running a side business to supplement their income.

“Women have been the backbone of Vermont’s economy for years, but many of these businesses are not keeping up with their male counterparts in terms of growth and revenue,” Smith said.

According to the US Census, in 2019 women earned 82 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Data from nearly 700 women entrepreneurs surveyed by the Vermont Women’s Fund shows that women-led businesses have contributed more than $361 million in revenue to Vermont’s economy while generating 1,755 full-time and part-time jobs. partiel.

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