Netlify Edge features accelerate modern web application development at the edge

Unlike proprietary networks, Netlify Edge Functions is based on Deno, an open-source, standards-based runtime environment that enables instant compatibility with popular web frameworks.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Netlify, the modern web development platform, today announced Netlify Edge Functions, bringing cutting-edge, standards-based computing to Netlify’s development workflow. Developers can now build fast web experiences in less time, using Edge Functions to run dynamic content or even an entire application from the network edge without compromising performance. Based on Deno, an open source runtime, Edge Functions comes ready-to-use with new server-side features from existing web frameworks such as Next.js, Nuxt, Astro, Eleventy and SvelteKit, as well as new edge-first frameworks. like Hydrogen and Remix.

The recent edge computing macro trend has led to a flurry of innovation at the network edge, but many of these new solutions are proprietary, don’t use popular programming languages, and don’t offer integrations with several web frameworks. As a result, edge computing has added substantial complexity to the software development life cycle. Netlify Edge Functions is the antidote, allowing development teams to avoid this trade-off and ultimately bring modern web experiences to market much faster.

“Front-end and web infrastructures are starting to take advantage of a programmable and streaming edge layer, and that’s a huge opportunity,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. “As this begins to open up new possibilities within the Jamstack architecture, it is critical that we follow a similar transparent and standards-based approach with our serverless runtime environment on Netlify’s Edge Network. way, developers can use these new edge-first features in today’s frameworks without even having to think about the underlying infrastructure.”

“Netlify’s commitment to an open, standards-based approach to web development was a perfect fit for the Deno integration. This offering will allow even more developers to take advantage of a fully programmable edge layer that works across all web frameworks,” said ryan dahl, Founder and CEO, Deno. “We are thrilled to partner with Netlify to empower developers to create the next generation of web experiences.”

“A complete, standards-based, Deno-based edge execution environment is a game-changer. Mitigating some of the complexity that edge computing has added to the software development lifecycle opens the door to a whole new wave of innovation at the network edge,” said Sébastien. Chopin, CEO, NuxtLabs.

“With Astro’s recent launch of server-side rendering, I’m excited to see Netlify Edge features take advantage of web standards and open up whole new deployment possibilities. it takes to deliver high-performance web experiences to the edge, which is critical for our users,” Fred K. Schottco-creator of Astro and CEO of The Astro Company.

“We firmly believe that the future of the modern web lies in running applications at the network edge, and we are excited about the potential for running Remix natively at the forefront of Netlify’s new offering,” said michael jacksonco-founder and CEO, Remix.

Netlify’s suite of serverless features – Netlify Functions, Background Functions, Scheduled Functions, and now Edge Functions – gives developers the flexibility to apply compute exactly where and when they need it. Netlify Edge Functions is now available in public beta. Learn more and visit the documents.

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