NEC APAC builds Vietnam national identity database

Vietnam has revamped its national identity infrastructure with the help of NEC. The country’s Ministry of Public Security (MOPS) began rolling out the new biometric identification system last July and has now issued more than 50 million smart digital ID cards to Vietnamese citizens.

The technical work was carried out by NEC’s Asia-Pacific (NEC APAC) division, which manages regional operations in Southeast Asia for the larger NEC Corporation. MOPS, meanwhile, was looking to modernize its identity system as part of a broader digital transformation plan. The new digital IDs will make it easier for Vietnamese citizens to access government services, while making identity fraud more difficult.

In this regard, MOPS has built a national biometric database using NEC’s Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). The NEC multi-modal system links each citizen’s ID card to their facial and fingerprint biometrics, enabling biometric authentication for those trying to take advantage of online services like the country’s social insurance program .

The new ABIS is intended to replace the MOPS paper-based filing system. The new electronic solution will help the country centralize its identity records (NEC has already migrated 16 million documents), which will simplify management and enable the country to expand its identity program in the future. The cards themselves will also give people a safe way to prove their identity in various situations.

“NEC is proud to play a role in supporting Vietnam’s digital transformation efforts with the modernization of the country’s national ID card,” said Masakazu Yamashina, Executive Vice President of NEC. “We remain committed to developing cutting-edge solutions to support and advance global digitization efforts to create safer, sustainable and prosperous societies and help improve the lives of all.”

NEC’s identity technology has proven particularly popular in the travel industry. The company has partnered with SITA to enable facial identification for Star Alliance members and has conducted facial recognition boarding trials at several airports in Japan.

March 9, 2022 – by Eric Weiss