Navy had easily accessible database of all unvaccinated sailors, whistleblowers say

Navy whistleblowers recently discovered that the service maintained a database of all sailors unvaccinated for COVID-19, and they say it was easy enough to access the database in a few simple steps. .

Screenshots of the website were first shared Thursday by TerminalCWO – a popular social media handle that shares claims, leaks and complaints from military whistleblowers. The US Navy has since confirmed the authenticity of the website in response to a request for comment from American Military News.

A screenshot of a US Navy database of unvaccinated sailors. (Photo courtesy of TerminalCWO).

The Navy’s website includes a tab titled “COVID Unvaccinated Tracker” that includes the DOD ID numbers of unvaccinated service members and lists their rank, service status, location, and reason why they are unvaccinated. vaccinated.

The website lists the reasons why each sailor remains unvaccinated, such as “unvaccinated, medical exemption approved”, “unvaccinated, refused” and “vaccination round completed, previously reported as unvaccinated”. It is unclear what other reasons the database may include why sailors are unvaccinated or how many vaccinated service members were included in the database after initially being reported as unvaccinated.

According to TerminalCWO, the only real requirement to access the database is a common access card (CaC) and knowledge of the existence of the web portal. A CaC is the standard identification card given to all military service members as well as civilian employees of the Department of Defense and some defense contractors. TerminalCWO said people still need to register with a command’s CDO (Command Duty Officer), but said “nobody checks your workstation or if you need access to the information in it” .

In response to a request for comment from American Military News, Navy Lt. Cmdr. Devin Arneson denied that the database could be viewed by the public or by anyone in the Navy.

“The database is not publicly available and not all Navy personnel have access to the database,” Arneson said in an emailed statement. “Access to this secure portal is controlled and limited to DoD personnel on a need-to-know basis and in the performance of their official duties.

TerminalCWO said a colleague was able to successfully access the website without being hampered by any verification process.

“The Navy claims the system was not open to the public, but we were able to independently confirm that access could be obtained by providing ‘necessary for CDO functions’ as the reason,” the launcher’s account said. ‘alert. “No one has confirmed this information, they just gave access.”

On its website, TerminalCWO said the information in this dataset is “a big deal because it violates a person’s PHI and PII (Private Health and Personally Identifiable Information) for potentially everyone in the world. Navy and maybe even the DOD.”

Arneson said “information is limited to that which is necessary for operational monitoring and coordination in the COVID-19 environment. That said, the COVID-19 environment continues to evolve and, as is , OPNAV continually re-evaluates the need for this portal.

TerminalCWO noted that since American Military News contacted the Navy, the web portal has changed and the tab showing the number of unvaccinated service members has been removed.

A screenshot of the updated US Navy database. (Photo courtesy of TerminalCWO).

“If it wasn’t open to the public, then why take it down?” TerminalCWO says.

Before the web portal was apparently updated to remove the unvaccinated troops dataset, TerminalCWO noted that the number in this dataset was significantly higher than what is currently publicly reported by the Navy. The unvaccinated data set included 11,743. Meanwhile, official Navy COVID vaccination records indicate that 6,376 active and ready reserve sailors are unvaccinated and there are 4,251 other active sailors and reserve with a pending request for religious accommodation. Assuming the numbers of unvaccinated and religious accommodation requests do not overlap, this would indicate that 10,627 soldiers are unvaccinated.

It’s unclear how many additional sailors in the now-missing dataset were listed as “vaccination round completed, previously reported as unvaccinated” or a similar provision.

Asked about the apparent discrepancy, Arneson said: “The referenced web portal is an internal management tool. The total number of portal entries is not representative of the total number of seafarers currently unvaccinated. The numbers publicly reported by the Navy (6,376) accurately reflect the number of active and reserve sailors known to be unvaccinated at the time of the report.

The US military has seen several lawsuits challenging the mandate of the COVID-19 vaccine.