Military Doctors Cannot Trust DOD Medical Database – C19 VVV Scrubbed Injuries

Military medics can’t trust DOD medical database after cleaning COVID vax wounds

Green Beret whistleblower Peter Chambers gave vaccine injury cases directly to Sen. Ron Johnson to help Wisconsin Republican’s efforts against military vaccine mandate

By Greg Piper

A group of military doctors alarmed by reported spikes in miscarriages, myocarditis, cancers and other serious issues among service members in the first year of COVID-19 vaccine availability no longer trust the database Army Medical Corps, one told Just the News.

Lt. Col. Peter Chambers said he is now forwarding potential vaccine injury cases, from his own practice and that of his colleagues, directly to Sen. Ron Johnson for the Wisconsin Republican’s continued pressure on the Department of Health. Defense (DOD) to End COVID Vaccine Mandates.

Their last appointment was a few weeks ago in Dallas, where Chambers is based, retired surgeon Green Beret and Purple Heart recipient said in a phone interview this week. All service members have signed permission for their records, which include case numbers but not names, to be shared, Chambers said.

Johnson’s office confirmed the meeting, telling Just the News that the senator “recognized and gave those injured by the vaccine a platform to share their stories,” including doctors. “His goal is to provide them with the treatment they need.”

Among the senator’s recent actions related to vaccination warrants, Johnson urged three Wisconsin veterans’ medical centers to end their “unnecessary and destructive” warrants on employees who sought his intervention.

The DOD deleted, edited and restored the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database earlier this year after whistleblowers, including Chambers, testified about the reported spike in a legal challenge.

The department told PolitiFact — not Johnson, who sent two letters about it — that the 2021 spike was the product of a “problem” that caused severe underreporting of 2016-20 numbers. That would mean the military underreported about 20 million cases a year during that time, whistleblower attorney Tom Renz said.

Johnson responded by demanding that the DOD keep the recordings unaltered, which a DOD spokesperson said had happened.

Chambers told Just the News that the DMED was previously more reliable than the government’s vaccine adverse event reporting system, but is now “completely unusable” because the DOD has changed many diagnoses suggesting injury caused by the vaccine after military doctors were made public.

Working on the border with the Texas National Guard, he has personally observed very unusual problems in “a healthy population that shouldn’t see these things”, from myocarditis to “cerebral hemorrhages”, and continues to receive reports similar in its “retirement section”. ”

Chambers said he developed demyelination after receiving the Moderna vaccine in January 2021, which led him and fellow whistleblower Lt. Col. Theresa Long to revisit DMED.

He has more freedom of speech than Long, who was supposed to testify alongside Chambers until his commanding officer prevented him from discussing DMED data the day before the hearing.

Long would face prosecution, jail time and a dishonorable discharge for ignoring a direct order even if she later rescinded the gag order, according to Chambers, describing Long’s order as “vitriol”. She did not answer questions.

Chambers, Long and attorney Renz joined a group letter to the Federal Aviation Administration in December demanding the medical “reporting” of all COVID-vaccinated pilots and their screening for heart problems.

They alleged that federal law prohibits commercial airline pilots who have taken emergency use authorization vaccines from flying and mandates a 12-month observation grounding for newly approved vaccines such as the Comirnaty of Pfizer.

After vaccinated pilot Robert Snow suffered cardiac arrest shortly after landing an American Airlines flight, the anti-warrant US pilot group Freedom Flyers accused the FAA of ignoring the risk to flights such adverse events.

When asked if it had already responded to the December letter, the FAA repeated what it told Just the News when asked if it would investigate the Snow incident.

“The FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon determined in December 2020 and February 2021 that pilots and air traffic controllers can safely receive the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” spokesperson Crystal Essiaw wrote in an email. -mail.



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