Latest Amazon AWS Outage – Major Web Server Issues Crash Many Warehouses and Deliveries Frustrating ‘Bored Staff’

SEVERAL warehouses closed on Tuesday as Amazon broke down, delaying deliveries and frustrating “bored” workers.

Users started reporting issues on Tuesday morning, and the platform was still unavailable for many in the afternoon.


Amazon was down on TuesdayCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The delivery drivers would have been left "bored" during the breakdown


Delivery drivers would have been “bored” during the breakdownCredit: Getty

However, Amazon announced around 2:43 p.m. that “it has mitigated the underlying issue causing network issues and is working toward a full recovery of all services.”

Before the outage was controlled, however, many warehouses were forced to close.

Business Insider reports that a warehouse in the Pacific Northwest saw “everything that uses a computer” shut down during the outage, leaving employees “bored to death.”

A small Amazon-contracted delivery company told BI that many of their East Coast drivers already on the road when the breakdown happened around noon had to pull over on the side of the road.

But some East Coast delivery drivers did not have their work day affected by the outage, and on the West Coast the outage began when most vans were still unloaded.

Many West Coast drivers were left waiting in parking lots, unable to work out which package would go where.

“My DSP has 20 drivers sitting in the parking lot in the cold,” one user wrote on Reddit. “Just waiting. Our warehouse can’t scan or pack, so we have to wait for them to even do that part. Like bruh, let’s get home, before we all get pneumonia and we don’t really can’t drive.”

According to the NY Daily News, the issue involved the company’s US-East-1 servers, a hub for Amazon’s cloud computing platform.

People were reporting having trouble logging in, accessing Amazon-owned websites, the Amazon app, or their AWS console.

Users of Ring doorbells, Disney+ and even Tinder have reportedly run into issues.

Reports of problems in the United States began coming in around 10:30 a.m. ET.

The issue also affected users in the UK and the outage was reportedly global.

Many warehouses have been forced to close


Many warehouses have been forced to closeCredit: Getty
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