Hacker steals Verizon employee database and tries to ransom it for $250,000

San Francisco: The database that includes the full name, email address, corporate ID numbers and phone numbers of several Verizon employees has been compromised with the hacker who is holding it for a ransom of $250,000, according to a media report.

According to Motherboard, the hacker said he contacted Verizon and shared the email he sent to the company.

“Please don’t hesitate to respond with an offer to withhold your entire employee database,” the hacker wrote in the email.

A Verizon spokesperson reportedly confirmed to the website that the hacker had been in contact with the company.

“A fraudster contacted us recently, threatening to release readily available employee directory information in exchange for payment from Verizon,” the spokesperson told Motherboard in an email.

“We do not believe the fraudster has any sensitive information and we do not anticipate engaging further with the individual,” the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, the report mentions that the hacker contacted Motherboard last week to share the information.

The anonymous hacker said he obtained the data by convincing a Verizon employee to give him remote access to his company computer.

Although the database does not include information such as social security numbers, passwords or credit card numbers, stolen information is still potentially dangerous, according to the report.