Breakthrough in VSD database access

Richard Green, National Director of the South African Motor Body Repairs’ Association, a proud association of the Retail Motor Industry Organisation, has campaigned over the past four years for the South African Insurance Association (SAIA) to release more information on the market. regarding the status of deregistered vehicles.

Without a registry to refer to, there is no way to prevent these cars from ending up in the system, to be purchased by unsuspecting and misguided consumers.

This intense lobbying for more transparency has finally paid off, with the insurance industry agreeing to accept the principle that the buyer of a used vehicle has the right to know whether the vehicle he is considering to buy was the victim of a serious collision and was written off before.

According to Green, this will result in the publication of the VIN numbers of all previously insured debarred vehicles on an open website giving used vehicle buyers and franchise dealers the opportunity to make informed decisions.

Richard Green.

The SAIA VSD (Vehicle Recovery Database) Task Team met in February in Johannesburg and agreed in principle to the following terms:
• All vehicles removed from codes 2, 3, 3A and 4 will be published on the site.
• The description of the codes will align with the SAIA recovery code.
• Identification numbers and geolocation will be used to identify any misuse of the site/information.
• The site will be financed by the participants of the work team in order to maintain its independence and will not be used to generate income.
• A comprehensive communications program will be developed to ensure that all consumers are aware of the site.

The SAIA board meets on March 10 to approve policy decisions and the VSD work team meets on March 11 to continue the project.

Source: Cathy Finley PR