B2B media company ACBM launches audience database

B2B media company ACBM launches audience database

April 29, 2022

In the United States, B2B media company AC Business Media (ACBM) has launched a first-party audience database called ENTENTION Data Insights, providing access to first-party audience profiles, demographics, engagement trends and contextual information.

ACBM reaches millions of professionals each year through its portfolio of brands and also provides advertisers with data, analytics and access to target audiences. The new ENTENTION Data Insights solution is an integrated audience database containing nearly three million profiled decision makers in the markets of heavy construction, asphalt, concrete, paving, rental, sustainability, landscape, manufacturing, logistics and supply chain.

Using the database’s segmentation capabilities, ACBM offers its customers DIRECT ENTENT, an email marketing program that sends targeted marketing messages directly to a current or potential customer’s inbox. CEO Ron Spink (pictured) comments, “Marketers who leverage first-party data on behavioral and demographic context have incredible mastery of a journey-based messaging campaign in front of their ideal target prospect. INTENTION Data Insights and our affiliate targeting products do exactly that: validate direct campaigns with insights and purchase intent signals across the heavy equipment, infrastructure and supply chain segments” .

Website: www.acbusinessmedia.com.